Independent Judges Association

Annual Judges Clinic

March 28 and 29, 2015
Joe London Training LLC
Liberty Hall Farms
Brandy Station
Culpeper, VA

FOSH/IJA focuses on the whole horse – emotionally, mentally and physically. As stated in the FOSH Mission statement, “Importance is placed on education regarding the humane care for the emotional, mental and physical well being, training and treatment of all gaited horses.” As knowledge of the horse expands, the education of judges and owners and trainers must expand to include the new knowledge. The better our understanding of the horse, the better horsemen and judges we become.

Responding to a changing horse world, the Annual IJA Judges Training Seminar embraces change. In 2015, the FOSH Mission Statement continues to be the foundation of the seminar. which takes a universal approach to education. This is an intense and comprehensive clinic combining classroom instruction, active and lively discussion and detailed information on the

Connections between the Visible and Invisible Horse and Gait

Clinician Debbie Davies will focus on the essential links and connections between the parts of the horse you can see and those that you cannot see. During the clinic you will travel from the outside of the horse in, over the entire body, learning the connections that affect health and movement. Participants will learn what to look for in the correct function of the head, neck and hindquarters, and how to support correct function of the sacrum and poll. Gaited horses will be in attendance providing ample opportunity and guidance to put “hands on gaited horses” and observe how structure and posture affect gait under saddle.


Deborah Bowerman-Davies has vast experience in the United Kingdom and the US. Her international experience as a student, rider and competitor led her to the awareness of what was correct for the horses and what was missing in the approach and understanding of the horses’ emotional and physical well being. “There was a lot of cram and jam with horses clearly not in true relaxation and harmony”.

In the early 1990’s Debbie worked and studied with alternative veterinarians and opened a facility that explored the realms of alternative training modalities to support the health and well being of horses. She documented herd patterns with wild horses to support her work both in mastering the physical components of movement patterns as well as her research for a growth learning and healing program. Debbie continued to study anatomy and physiology of the horse applying that to her body work, training, case studies and thesis for her graduation from Quantum Energetics School in 2008. In 2012 Debbie completed Equine Osteopathic School.

More on Debbie can be found at Deb Davies – www/

Who May Attend

In addition to judges and prospective judges, the Annual IJA Training Seminar welcomes anyone with an interest in expanding their knowledge of the horse. Registration is limited and is required for all attendees. Please see information at the end.


  • IJA Judges, IJA Apprentices, and IJA Judge Applicants – $110

  • FOSH members $130

  • FOSH non-members $170

Due to the location of the clinic, there is no designated Host hotel. If you are planning to attend, I would appreciate a telephone call or an e-mail message prior to sending your registration so I can organize clinic documents. If I receive your travel information ahead of time, it may be possible to arrange for shared accommodation or transportation.


Registration Form

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