FOSH Dressage for Gaited Horses

 FOSH Dressage for Gaited Horses

 January 1, 2014 –  the beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new FOSH program for gaited horses.  Dressage for Gaited Horses is a unique recognition and reward program for gaited horses competing  in the discipline of Dressage.  This new program  honors all gaited horses and the art and discipline of dressage.

 The philosophy is simple –  respect, recognition and reward for all gaited horses competing in the discipline of Dressage no matter the breed, the competition, the organization or the test.  This is a universal enrollment program developed to record the scores of gaited horses participating in authorized or recognized competitions under licensed judges.  These talented gaited horses will be permanently recognized, honored and rewarded for their accomplishments by FOSH.

 The rules of entry are simple.  The owner must be a member of FOSH, the horse must be gaited, the horse must be at least 48 months of age, the horse must be enrolled in the FOSH Dressage for Gaited Horses Program and the yearly participation fee paid.   In the introductory year of the program, the enrollment fee will be waived.

 The regulations are simple.  Competitions must be authorized or recognized by a governing body.  Tests must be written specifically for gaited horses.  Tests must be designed for gaited horses, published specifically for gaited horses and recognized as appropriate for gaited horses by organizations such FOSH, IJA, NWHA, TWHBEA, USEF, WDAA, NAWDA, and Cowboy Dressage.  Tests may be English or Western.

 FOSH respects the right of the rider or owner to choose. The rider/owner chooses the sanctioning body for the test ridden.  The rider/owner chooses the level of the test or tests ridden.  The rider/owner chooses the competition entered.  The rider/owner chooses the tests ridden at each competition.  The only restriction – the test must be from the approved list and judged by a licensed judge at a recognized competition.

 Annual awards will be presented to horses in the following categories: Two Gait, Introductory Level, Training Level, and First Level.  At least 3 scores of 60% or over at one level must be recorded before a horse is eligible for an award at that level.  This is an enrollment program that records and tracks scores over the life of the horse.  Awards will be given  for lifetime achievement.

Awards categories will be expanded as further tests for gaited horses are developed and approved.

 Complete program information may be found at  Dressage for Gaited Horses (Gaited Dressage) is a division of the FOSH Gaited Sport Horse.  Since 1998, FOSH is the only national organization dedicated to the promotion of the sound gaited horse emotionally, mentally and physically; fair competition; and humane training and education regardless of breed or discipline.