Application for Permanent Honorary Recognition
of a Horse with FOSH

This application is for any gaited horse not registered with a gaited breed registry. It is required for
any non-registered gaited horse that wishes to participate in any of the FOSH provided programs.

Requirements for recognition:

1. Proof of gaitedness must be provided through; *A two (2) minute video/DVD of the horse gaiting under saddle and / or lunging.
2. Horse must be grade and cannot be registered with any other purebred GAITED breed registry.
3. Horse must be sound, healthy and free of genetic defect.
4. A one time Application fee of $25 for FOSH Permanent Honorary Recognition.
5. Two color photos, one of the left side, one of the right side, must be submitted with application 6. Proof of age must be submitted with application (current coggins test or a veterinarian health certificate)

(Based on gait demonstrated in the video - Paso, Peruvian, Mountain, TWH, MFT etc).
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Copy of Registration Papers must accompany this application.


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