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The FOSH Gaited Dressage Program

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2019 award winners

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FOSH Dressage for Gaited Horses Awards

In order to be eligible for any award, the horse must be enrolled in FOSH Dressage for Gaited Horses and meet all program requirements.

Awards winners will be contacted by FOSH.

Awards will be mailed to the current owner on record with FOSH as of December 31 of the year earned.

All awards will be announced in the April issue of the Sound Advocate and on the FOSH website and FOSH Press releases.

YEAR END HIGH Dressage Horse Awards

There will be recognition given annually, to horses in each level of test: Two Gait Tests, Introductory Level Tests, Training Level Tests, First Level Tests and Second Level Tests.

A minimum of three (3) tests of 60% or over in each level must be recorded before an award will be given. Scores can be carried over from year to year.

In the case of a tie, the award will be to the horse with the greater number of tests ridden at that level.

Awards will be given in the Traditional and Virtual categories.

Awards will be to the horse receiving the highest average score in each level – Two Gait, Introductory Level, Training Level, First Level and Second Level.