9 Tips to Develop
Your Young Dressage Riders

by Lendon Gray and Lindsay Paulsen


Can Dressage Judges Really be Fair?

by Kathy Rowse, Dressage Today, Nov 2014


2014 Jennie Jackson Clinic: Dressage as Applied to the Gaited Horse

By Jennifer Klitzke

Coming from 28 years as a devoted dressage student riding trotting horses, dressage is not new to me. But applying dressage training methods to my naturally gaited Tennessee walking horse has raised a few questions: How do I ride a head-shaking horse on-the-bit? Does the dressage training pyramid apply to the gaited horse? Can a gaited horse reach high levels of dressage? Is it possible to collect a gaited horse without trotting? What about rider position?

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Karl Mikolka beieves the Horse comes first

and promotes Dressage as beneficial for all horses.


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Permission granted for reprinting by The Chronicle of the Horse.  First
printed July, 2013.

A number of days ago, Allanna posed the following question

Thought question.  Is it appropriate to apply the term “collection” to the optimum balance and development of the 4-beat intermediate gaits?  When done in their best and purest form none of them are collected as the term is applied to the trot and canter and none of the 4-beat intermediate gaits can be fully collected since doing so turns 4-beat gaits into trot.   Read More…

Dressage Question

“Is the four-beat gait the suppling, strength-building, and rhythm creating gait to the gaited horse as trot is to the trotting horse?”

The trot is a diagonal gait and the majority of four beat gaits are considered lateral. It is to be assumed that the lateral and diagonal gaits require the use of different muscle groups. Although I do not have extensive study in biomechanics and anatomy, I do believe I have read that the previous statement to be correct.  Read More…